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Topic: Any PLP 120 Users Out There?

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    Question Any PLP 120 Users Out There?

    Here's a strange thing that just happened to me:
    So I'm working on a tune at 80 bpm (a little beyond the recommended range, but it's sounding fine)...

    First I went through and found some framedrum and finger cymbal loops I might want to use on the track, and slowed them down using the highest quality setting.

    (I would have preferred if the loops were categorized by instrument instead of the cute and not always descriptive names).

    Then yesterday, I found a few more, bringing the total to 16-18 or so, up from 8-10.
    (So the PLP needs to load those 18 patches, plus one preset bank).

    Now, for some reason, SX freezes when trying to open the tune...I confirmed the PLP as the culprit through trial and error, ultimately moving (temporarily) the PLP.dll from its proper location.

    What could be the problem? Could it be the PLP has to go through all the calculations every time I open the track, and it's just too much for the computer (or the PLP, or SX) to handle?

    Any enlightenment on this matter, or any suggestions in general regarding the PLP 120, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Any PLP 120 Users Out There?

    hi....yes, PLP 120 does not save your tempo converted files. It has to recalculate them every time you reopen the song. Don't know if that is causing your computer to crash....I did encounter a similar problem where converting an entire loaded bank on my g5 dual gig (Logic 6.3.3) caused the plug to become unstable/unusable.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Any PLP 120 Users Out There?

    Thanks. Michael Kleps from ReFX, the developer of the synth engine, explained the situation to me over at KVR. It seems ProSoniq, the creator of the Mpex algorihm, is afraid people might figure out a way to load their own samples, so they require that the PLP recalculates the data every time.

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