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Topic: Sonar 4 is out!!

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    Talking Sonar 4 is out!!

    Sonar 4 is out! And it Rocks!

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    Re: Sonar 4 is out!!

    Seems like all my posts are about Sonar 4! Oh well, I can't wait to recieve it. I still can't believe I'm getting it for $179. It almost seems like they put everything that a personally wished for in the new version. Between Sonar and the EWQLSO Pro coming out, I think I'll be living in my studio. : )


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    Re: Sonar 4 is out!!

    I haven't gotten my copy yet....and I want it. I don't I'll leave my computer for a while after it comes out. Plus new sample libraries.... My wallet is going to be pretty lonely for a while.

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    Re: Sonar 4 is out!!

    I got my copy on Tuesday.

    Good news, the new features are brilliant!

    Bad news, the old envelope timing bug is back.

    Been dealing with tech support for a couple of days. Ah, the hazards of the dot-oh releases
    - Layne

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    Re: Sonar 4 is out!!

    whoopee.....more money to spend.

    I'll most likely get Sonar 4 as a Xmas present or something. I totally need that freeze function.

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