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Topic: Msg32.exe ??

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    Msg32.exe ??

    Hi, when Gigastudio loads Instrumnets the Msg32.exe holds the RAM needed for every Instrument, depending on your sample settings.
    But why does the Msg32.exe doesn\'t free the Memory when i detach the Intruments again ??
    After loading and detaching a couple Instruments i run out of Memory ! The only way to free the Memory is to exit Gigastudio.
    Is there any workaround ?? Please help !

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    Re: Msg32.exe ??


    Detaching an instrument disassociates it from a particular channel, but doesn’t remove it from memory. To free the memory, go to the Loaded Instruments tab, right click on the instrument(s) you want to remove, and choose Unload Selected….

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