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Topic: LOGIC 7 - ANYONE!?

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    LOGIC 7 - ANYONE!?

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    Well after the testing ended finally the program slips out. Realtime beat EXP/COMP. would do it alone for most folks.

    Anybody else going to make the jump?

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    Re: LOGIC 7 - ANYONE!?

    Made the jump 6 years ago and have never looked back !

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    Re: LOGIC 7 - ANYONE!?

    I hear ya - been doing beta testing since v 2.5 , when audio integrated with midi in Logic - although 2 dongles where required then.

    I switch from Performer and I was a Perf user since 1.22 and then in '95 I switched.

    I meant, is anybody going to jump in from 6.4 to 7. The beat time exp/comp ALONE is worth it.

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