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Topic: GS3 Running Services .....

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    GS3 Running Services .....

    Since installing GS3 - i have two new services running, i assume these are from GS - once i quit them, GS3 will no longer start.

    Can someone else please confirm or deny (incase these are malware trojans maybe, ya never know)

    Crypserv.exe - assume this is a running service for the license.

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    Re: GS3 Running Services .....


    I think they are GS 3 related ( have them too, after GS 3installation)
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: GS3 Running Services .....

    Yep. Crypserv and Msg32 are the two additional Giga services. I haven't tried shutting down Crypserv, but if I try to shut down the Msg32 service, I get a blue screen. I don't try that anymore.


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