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Topic: Searching GPO-compatible "col legno"

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    Searching GPO-compatible "col legno"

    Hello everybody! Musicpete is back after an unpleasant hiatus! Greetings to everybody! And if you are asking yourself "Who the heck is that madman?" right now, then don't worry.... I never leave too good or lasting impressions on anyone.

    When preparing some pieces for my own enjoyment and some for the inclusion into the GPO contest I ran into a problem: GPO doesn't have col legno strings! GOS Lite neither... Since I am out of money as usual I would love to hear some suggestions as where to get some cheap (translates to "free") "col legno" Violas and Cellos. I was not daring enough to write col legno for Basses, which proves handy now.

    Those samples don't need to be sophisticated: Actually I have only 2 beats in the Violas in one piece and 2 bars of divided Cellos doing this effect in another one.

    I know that those effects must not be used in pieces for the GPO competition, but I will create versions with them for my own enjoyment.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    musicpete aka Peter

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    Re: Searching GPO-compatible "col legno"

    Hey welcome back, musicpete!!

    Please let me know if you find any col legno. I have been searching as well but unfortunately not lucky. According to Gary there are plans for an add-on with effects for strings. Perhaps he can shed some ligh upon this.

    Otherwise we will have to save some money and compare:

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