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Topic: Weird problem

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    Weird problem

    Gigastudio crashes and windows gives me a blue screen whenever I try to bounce a track. It happens on the moment I've chosen a file name and click on OK. It also happens when my sequencer isn'r running. Any thoughts on this one?

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    Re: Weird problem

    Same exact problem here - what are your system specs? I believe there are at least a few more of us with the problem you described. I've contacted Tascam and have given Chris in tech support all of my information, you probably should report this as well.

    XP Pro SP1
    2 GB RAM - two sticks
    2 10,000 Raptors - one for samples, one for audio capture
    2 7,200 WDC- for OS and GS3/Sequencer
    GS3 Orchestra
    Finale 04
    Terratec 24/96

    No IRQ conflicts or critical devices sharing
    Only GS3/OS/Sequencer installed
    All updated drivers for all hardware
    2.54 worked perfect on same machine - including audio capture.

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    Re: Weird problem

    XP Pro, no service packs or updates
    ASUS P4C800 E-deluxe
    Pentium IV 2.6 Ghz
    1,5 Gb RAM, 3 sticks
    7200 S-ATA Maxtor drive for Gigs
    7200 ATA Maxtor driver for OS
    GS3 Orchestra
    Cubase SX
    Terratec Phase 28

    No reports of IRQ conflicts or other problems as well. All drivers updated as well. Previous audio capturing held no problems. It has to be a GS3 - Terratec conflict. I've already contacted Terratec about why it's taking them so long to get the v2 drivers done.

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