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Topic: Attention Donnie C.

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    Attention Donnie C.

    Hi Donnie,

    I went to your website dssoundware (looks great!) in order to contact you about sequencers. Unfortuantely, my outlook express has a bug and can\'t get to your contact page (not only your website but many others).

    I am a customer of your products and have enjoyed the UOP and Marching Band per. immensely! As a result of your great work, I tended to pay attention to equipment you\'re using during times you\'ve listed on this forum.

    I noticed from a post not too long ago, that you switched to Logic...though you used to be a DP user on the Mac.

    I am a PC user, using Cakewalk 9. I have thought of making that scary jump to Mac and DP (both of which I\'m unfamiliar with) but since I read that you switched to Logic, I was curious as to your reasons? Is it Logic on a Mac platform?

    Thanks for any feedback you have time to give.

    Cheers from Taiwan,
    Steve Hanlon (aka. Marty)

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    Re: Attention Donnie C.

    Hello Steve, Check your private messaging for donnies email address you can talk to him directly. Just click on your profile area.

    You most likely have not been here for a while.

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