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Topic: 56 Telecaster

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    56 Telecaster

    hiya guys ,

    just have a quickie -

    will the EW 56 Telecaster library work using Logic's Exs24 ? (OSX) . i see it says in the blurb that the library is PC only but im assuming this refers to Halion sampler . can anyone enlighten me?

    much appreciated


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    Re: 56 Telecaster

    Hi Brick,

    I believe that you are referring to the 56 Strat (not Tele). I don't own this library but on the info page at Soundsonline it states that it is not compatible with the Mac as you saw. My guess is that the .gig files are spread across the 4 CD Roms and you need a PC to use the utility that would combine them.

    I would also hazard a guess that if you know someone with a PC you can get the gig files and attempt converting it. How well this lib converts to exs-24 is another question.


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    Re: 56 Telecaster

    I would contact Sounds On Line directly and ask them is there is a work-around. .gig files can be imported into EXS with no problems. HALion files can also be translated by using Chickensys Translator so if it's just a matter of unstuffing them I think that having access to a PC is the only road block!
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    Re: 56 Telecaster

    oops apologies for that , i did of course mean the 56 strat FV . i bought the QL brass lib a while back , which to my surprise came with just .exe files on the installer disk . Luckily i do have a PC (phew) , but it took hrs too transfer to my mac , so i was kinda hoping not to have to go thro that again with the strat library.

    But if needs must......

    thanks to both of u

    warm regards


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