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Topic: I Made it!!!!!

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    Smile I Made it!!!!!

    Hi folks,
    Long time, no posts. Sorry for that. At this point I'm just lucky that my wife doesnt own my pc and that I'm not seated on a milk crate to write this. Lol. Anyway, I've just taken my first very positive step away from my exciting career in heating and air-conditioning. (Heavy sarcasm on the exciting) I just wrote 37 seconds of music for a local campaign commercial for a district judges campaign comitee. The comitee approved the spot with my music attatched and wanted to know who the composer was!!!! Very exciting news for me. The director, a buddy of mine, told them it was someone local he knew and thet want to send me two more spots!!!! The first one was worth $200. There was also an ad agency person on the comitee that wanted to know who I was so I might get some other work not related to campaigns. Yeah!!! I had originally planned to use GPO all the way but started with my Roland XP-30 to get the basic chords and such. I used an EMU virtuoso just for the percussion and the GPO oboe 2 (my favorite). I sent that as a rough draft to the director and that was it. They used the rough demo. Oh well right? I was on cloud nine all day Sunday after hearing the news. Thanks to all of you for the constant inspiration and I will post the piece when I get some webspace. It's really nothing special but thet liked it. I guess that's all that matters in this field. Thanks again Gary and members. Talk to you soon

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    Re: I Made it!!!!!

    Congratulations on your new musical relations! No matter what you used to secure the job is not important as much as how you use it. Nice going and I would like to extend a helping hand and offer to host your piece on my website as a quest. Just send me a link I would be happy to post it on the forum for you.

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    Re: I Made it!!!!!

    Alright, Congrats

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