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Topic: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4

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    2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4


    I have two major problems with my Gigastudio 2.5 in combination with Logic 4.8

    The first thing is, that the endless wave driver does not appear in Logic, eventhough it is written down in the sys.ini. I did manage to get it once, by installing my old Gigasampler 1.6. but I have to get it right with Gigastudio.

    The second problem is, that most GIG Files take ages to load. For example the Mens Choir GIG File from the Voices of the Apocalypse take about 20 minutes to load. I don\'t have any idea how to solve these two errors, so please help me.



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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4

    How much RAM do you have? Also, how fast is your hard drive?

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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4


    I have 768DDR RAM on a 1400GHz Athlon. I use WIN ME and a fast IBM Hard Drive (7200upm). I don\'t know the ms data for the hard drive, but it should be pretty fast, I remember I asked for it. DMA is working, the system seems perfectly ok...



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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4

    Do you have a \'back-upped\' version of Voices Of The Apocalypse? Since that version does not load properly! Where did you purchased it soundsonline?

    Get support there, where did you bougth GS2.5? since you easily speak of Gigasampler and suddenly about GS2.5... that is a world of difference, also you must know endless wave has nothing to do with GS. In GS we talk about Nemesys Midi ports!

    Good luck.

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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4

    Well I have GSampler and Gigastudio as well, that is why I am talking about both programs ..

    I didn\'t know though, that Endless Wave is a Gigasampler driver, and is not relevant for the usage of Gigastudio. I have to get the Nemesys Ports working then, right?? I ordered the VOTAs via Internet (Bestservice in Germany), but I don\'t have any Backups - the original CDs should work, or am I wrong there (does it happen a lot, that orignals don\'t work?). I am a completely new user of the Nemesys programs, so I am looking forward to any hints [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]



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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4

    A couple of things come to mind...for what they are worth:

    1) GigaStudio needs GigaSampler completely UNinstalled to run properly. If you have GigaStudio then get rid of GigaSampler and start from there.

    2) Configure your sequencer under Settings within GigaStudio. Open your sequencer from within GigaStudio, look for and select the Nemesys Midi Ports as your Midi Outs in your sequencer.

    3) See if you can down load your vocal sample library faster without GigaSampler. Do you have two hard drives? You really need GigaStudio and all your other apps on one boot drive and JUST gig sample libraries on a second, seperate hard drive.

    Best, LFE

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    Re: 2 huge Probs with Gigastudio & Logic 4


    As far as the slow loads go, you may have a problem with your Vcache setting.
    Have a read of Tascams PC optimizing FAQ and see if it helps:


    As far as the Logic prob goes, what I\'ve put below may not help, but who knows? It\'s a reply to a Logic user from Kevin at Nemesys. Can I also suggest you repost at the Tascam Giga forum? There are three support guys there, one of whom monitors every Giga problem post.

    From Kevin:

    It appears that Logic and Gigastudio are both fighting over the sound card\'s audio channels. This will happen even when Gigastudio isn\'t actually running.


    Gigastudio allows you to enable or disable each individual audio channel on the GSIF sound card.

    Logic allows you to specify the *maximum number* of channels you would like to enable on the card.

    So take the following steps:

    1) Run Gigastudio. On the Settings-Hardware/Routing page disable all audio output channels. Then enable channels, for instance

    2) While Gigastudio is running, start Logic Audio. You should have Logic configured as your preferred sequencer and launch it by clicking the sequencer button on the toolbar of the main GigaStudio interface.
    In the second Audio Drivers settings page, under
    ASIO choose \"Max I/O streams\" of 14, as long as this number is less than the channel numbers dedicated to GigaStudio, IN and 14 OUT. Then enable ASIO and relaunch Logic.

    Assuming both programs exit correctly and save their settings, it should now be possible to start either program or both at the same time without crashes.


    * This assumes that the user wants to reserve 14 channels for Logic Audio and 2 channels for Giga. Of course you can change this. Just remember that Logic takes over a range of channels from 1 up to the max you specify. Logic ignores channels above
    this max. You can assign these extra channels to Giga or to another app.

    * Be sure to update to tyhe letest GigaStudio version.

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