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Topic: Customers reviews

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    Customers reviews

    To buy sample-cd's are always hard. There are a lot of great ones out there and it's hard to compare.
    Some companies like SampleTekk and PMI, offers the possibility to download extensive demos of their products, and this is probably a big help.

    One thing that also could be helpful, are the opinions from users. SampleTekk has introduced the possibility for users of our two pianos, White Grand and Black Grand, to write their own reviews on the pianos on our site.
    Hopefully these unbiased opinions will be helpful for both potential customers and for us as developers.

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    Re: Customers reviews

    I put up a thought on the black grand area. This page is hard to find on your site.

    The black grand is my favorite piano, the best piano sample instrument I've played.

    I gave you only 9 stars because my speakers are no steinway in a hall and I want sympathetic resonance.


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    Re: Customers reviews

    Is there a link to this "post a thought" page? I can't find it.

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    Re: Customers reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexcremers
    Is there a link to this "post a thought" page? I can't find it.
    On the first page at our site, where it says "Black or White...???", go to the bottom of that page.
    Under the two pictures of the White and Black Grand there's the links: "Read and Write customer reviews here"

    That link will take you to the product detail page for the White resp. Black Grand, and last on that page, you will find the links to the reviews.
    I know it's a bit hidden, but the reviews are a modification that I bought that only work on that perticulare page.

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