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Topic: Recompiling Quicksound Database

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    Recompiling Quicksound Database

    Hey all,

    One of my hard drives recently died and I lost my gigasamples. However, I\'m beginning to put things back on with a new hard drive. My problem is, my GSP files are finding SOME, but not ALL of the previous gigasamples. I hadn\'t changed the filename or anything. So, my question is this. How do I recompile the Quicksound Database to search all my hard drives for the gigs?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: I just downloaded the SAM Timpani, it\'s REPLACING my Advanced Orchestra one, which until now I thought was the best.

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    Re: Recompiling Quicksound Database

    Make sure they are in the same directories as before. GSP files use path/directory and filenames to access GIG instruments, not the quicksound DB.

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    Re: Recompiling Quicksound Database

    You can go to the program files\\nemesys\\Gstudio and find the DB folder and delete it, then restart the GigaStudio and it will do a complete refresh. Make sure you have 2.5x or higher installed before you do this. The original 2.0 version database took forever to refresh. That is the way to do sort of a hard reset on the database. Hope this helps. When all else fails, that is what I do now and then.
    David Govett

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