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Topic: OT: Sonar 4 Review

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    OT: Sonar 4 Review

    Here is a link to a ProRec.com review of Sonar 4. It came in an email from Cakewalk. I am happy to see, once again, that Sonar 4 has no copy protection whatsoever:


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    Re: OT: Sonar 4 Review

    Well, it has CD-key and Serial Number protection, but no punitive-type of protection.

    And, still sells like mad. Go figure.

    SONAR 4 really is very sweet.

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    Re: OT: Sonar 4 Review

    Thanks Martin . I have SonarPE3...and am considering the upgrade to 4, so it made interesting reading


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    Re: OT: Sonar 4 Review

    I have endured Cubase for quite awhile, but think it's time to jump ship and buy Sonar.

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    Re: OT: Sonar 4 Review

    Thanks for posting the review Martin! I already use Sonar 3 producer and love it. You can't beat the $179 upgrade price for current users either. The new features are amazing, and man is that track overview window is going to to make massive track orchestration alot easier to get around.


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