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Topic: some new guy (not sure where to post this)

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    some new guy (not sure where to post this)

    hey. just wanted to say that i haven't even made a post yet n' i'm already loving the forums.

    but yah. i've been workin on gettin into the composer community for a while and just haven't really seen one around. so it's awesome to see this forum up n' runnin.

    i'm tryin to get into the composing scene for games or film. so i was wondering what you guys might think of my music. n' maybe what you guys think about the direction i've taken so far.

    so far, i'm doing a soundtrack for a modification (www.pointofexistence.com) and a documentary on india.

    india documentary tracks:

    point of existence tracks:

    oh yah. n' i have some more tracks (if you feel like some extra listenin) at:

    thanks for anyone that feels like replyin'.

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    Re: some new guy (not sure where to post this)

    Hi, and Welcome!

    I coudn't get your first links to work, so I went to acidplanet and listened to "Blessed Mountain."

    They wouldn't let me post a comment as I'm not registered there, but it was very enjoyable. I liked the way it kept building toward a resolution, almost getting there, and then going back to it's tentative theme. Good stuff.

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