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Topic: Recording multiple PC's - Help

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    Recording multiple PC's - Help


    After a year of bouncing tracks from 4 PC's I am FED UP with it. So I have tried use GigaTeleport but with no sucess, and too little support on the FX-Max forum for me to bother with it any more. Soooooo.... now I'm considering going the hardware route...

    So now I have a few question about how to do that. I have 4 PC's... one which is a sequncer and sampler and 3 samplers. So all 4 PC's produce audio which means that if I route the 3 samplers to my mixer and then into my sequencing machine I get feed back.

    Currently I'mset up like this: Each of the four PC's are hooked up to a Mixer which then is hooked up to my studio monitors.

    What I want to do is to record the audio I hear from all 4 pc's.

    How would I go about this? What do I need to buy? Save me from my misery

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    Re: Recording multiple PC's - Help

    Well the feedback most likely is whatever you're using as your recorder is also feeding the soundcard outputs back in the mixer.

    I actually use an RME HDSP 96/52 which has a builtin mixer on the card (it can mix any combination of the 24 ADAT in ports and the 24 output channels to any of the 24 ADAT outputs. This is all done by a processor on the card without any CPU load on the computer.

    Mine is currently set up:
    Computer Out: A1, A2 - GSIF
    A3, A4 - ASIO
    Analog ins: A1,A2,A3,A4 - Roland SC 8850
    A5,A6 - Motherboard sound card outs.

    out mixed into ADAT A1 and A2 which go to my monitors. The one thing the RME can't do straight off in TOTALMIX is mix the outs back into the inputs. However, since I don't have all three ADAT I/O (8 channels each) hooked up, I can just loop 8 of the outputs back into 8 of the inputs letting me record the whole shooting match.

    Totalmix is a pretty groofy feature (alhtough not overly well documented).

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    Re: Recording multiple PC's - Help

    RME-Totalmix is THE solution! (only my opinion-shurly there are other solutions)

    When you have analog Outputs from your PCs:
    Multiface! (8 analog in/out +adat/spdif+ analog line out for monitoring)

    When you have digital adat outs:
    digiface (3x adat in/out= 24 digital)+ spdif+ important: analog out for monitoring)

    You never need an external mixer!

    You can mix all/multiple ins to all/multiple outs- and you see it.

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    Re: Recording multiple PC's - Help

    (with fxteleport you dont need 3 expensive digital soundcards. It works well with Kontakt-with some little dropouts. GigaVST adapter is ...hmm? I have not fiddled it out)

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    Re: Recording multiple PC's - Help

    Would it be possible to install a second soundcard in my DAW... and then route all audio from 4 PCs to Mixer, from mixer to 2nd soundcard, and then from 2nd soundcard to monitors?

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