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Topic: Sonar 2.0XL, MIA and Gigastudio 96

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    Sonar 2.0XL, MIA and Gigastudio 96

    Ok guys..I have a small problem. I\'m hoping someone else here has either run into the same problem or can point me in the right direction. I am running a W98SE system with both a MIA card by Echo and a SBLive! card (for MIDI). The combo has worked great for everything I\'ve done and never given me any problems whatsoever. Both cards work great with GigaStudio too.

    Now my problem - I just purchases Sonar 2.0XL a couple of days ago and this is where I ran into the problem. I\'m having a hard time getting Sonar to work with the MIA card. It keeps giving me error messages about not being able to use the virtual ouputs or the ouputs in use by something else, etc (even when Sonar is the only thing running). Cakewalk suggests running WDM drivers for the best possible performance and although Echo makes those drivers, they are unsupported and seem to strip some of the functionability of the card away (ie. the mixing console from the tool bar and the options to choose between GSIF and DirectSound options).

    Is there anybody out there running the either the same setup or something very similar that can point me in the right direction?

    Please help.

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    Re: Sonar 2.0XL, MIA and Gigastudio 96

    I am running something almost exactly like this (Not XL but Sonar, not SB Live but Santa Cruz, and a USB midi box), and the MIA Echo has given me no problems (and I am running WIN SE). Try (uninstalling and) reinstalling the MIA drivers. I don\'t remember if I had to do this with the new Sonar. I am also running Giga 96: no probs. Yeah, computers suck.

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    Re: Sonar 2.0XL, MIA and Gigastudio 96

    Sonar is doing some funky things like that to my darla 24 card made by echo. I am running sonar 2.0xl, the latest wdm drivers and Win Me. I think it\'s the drivers. I should try installing the previous driver they have posted.

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