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Topic: can't play GIGA in cubase

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    can't play GIGA in cubase


    after I can open GS 3 and Cubase together succesfully now, I have the next problem: I start GS, load an instrument and play it via keyboard or virt. keyboard. In the statusline at the bottom I can read: DMX audio is running (my card is a Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96). Now I press the Sequencerbutton and cubase is opening. I load a VSTI and can play it wonderfully. This VSTI is to find in the cubase sequencerwindow in the first line for MIDI. In the second line there is to find GigaOut Port 1 as MIDI-device. But if I highlight this row, nothing is to hear! Back in GS, there stands in the statusline at the bottom: DMX audio is stopped. Hm, why is it stopped? I try it several configurations in the DMX control panel but nothing helps. Can you help me?

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: can't play GIGA in cubase

    Hi, I'm again,

    I found it out by myself and I post it for helping other peoples. I only had to disable the rewireability in GS, then it works excellently. So simple, now I'm very glad everythings work and I can start to do some experiments.

    Greetings Kai

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