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Topic: Sound Cutting out - Help!

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    Sound Cutting out - Help!

    I\'ve had this recurring problem since I tried to install the audition software for Spectrasonic\'s Metamorphosis library. It installed some piece of software (that I quickly uninstalled) and quicktime.

    Since then, the GS output periodically makes a \"pffzt\"-like noise and sound output stops. To work around this I have to go to Hardware/Routing in the Settings area, reselect my audio driver (delta-66 Gigasampler Driver) and hit apply. I have been unable to identify any \"trigger\" that causes this to happen.

    Though I\'ve found a workaround, its still a giant PITA. It also costs me time when I have to re-record tracks or mixes when this problem occurs. And it just plain looks bad in front of clients.

    I\'ve got to get this to stop. King, Bob, any other Gurus - please help!!!


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    Re: Sound Cutting out - Help!

    Sounds like its dropping digital sync. Are you hoooked up Digitally to your monitors/mixer?

    Does it have \"auto\" sample rate detection?

    I get this problem with my Wamirack occasionally. Only when a Dialog Box/errormessage appears. It tries to play a sound in a low sample rate that is too short, so the Wami drops sync. I think its because it analyses the sample rate, tries to compensate, but the sound has already stopped before the wami has enough time to realize its stopped. pretty weird. Not a big deal with the Wami\'s control interface tho. Just deselect a sample rate and reselect it to jog it back into sync.

    Sound liek its something like that?

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    Re: Sound Cutting out - Help!

    Thanks for the reply, King, but I doubt that\'s it.

    I\'m running analog out of the Delta 66 to the mixer. Is it possible that there is some sort of internal sync between GS and the sudio card that\'s getting hosed?

    The system was absolutely rock solid until I stupidly installed that software. The spectrasonics software has been removed, but Quicktime is still resident on the PC. It doesn\'t have an \"uninstall\" program that i can find.

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