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Topic: How do you start your composition

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    How do you start your composition

    hy all NS members,

    i would like to know how you guys are working out your compositions.
    Do you start with a notation software like Overture, Sibelius, or do you start to record in a sequencer like Sonar or Cubase?

    I start working out my scraches in Cubase, but i will try to do it in a more planning way and using Overture to do the most composition work, and than do the finetuning in Cubase.

    Tell me what's your way?

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    Re: How do you start your composition

    Hello avalongalaxy,

    I prepare my score in Finale first. I have Finale set up with GPO to play the score.

    Good luck.
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    Re: How do you start your composition

    Quote Originally Posted by avalongalaxy
    hy all NS members,

    Tell me what's your way?
    Well, my first step (assuming I have an idea in at least a nebulous form, is usually a pencil and paper. I start a very rough sketch, or sometimes not so rough. I do this part in many places -- on my front porch while staring at the Redwood forest, waiting my turn at the dentist, sitting at the piano, etc.

    The first computer entry will be using Sonar, and I will work with Sonar until the piece is finished in all details. Then I will import it to Sibelius for a polished score. Then, it is usually set aside for a short while, scrutinized carefully, and any changes entered into both programs.

    Richard Wayland

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    Re: How do you start your composition

    Some time ago, I asked a similar question at this thread:


    Some interesting responses.
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    Re: How do you start your composition

    I always start at my piano, work up a few ideas, then launch my sequencer and go to work!


    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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    Wink Re: How do you start your composition

    I listen to everyone else’s fantastic music on this forum and then decide whether I can come any where near as well of a composition.
    Actually, in truth, it takes sometimes months for anything that I may feel worth writing down before I sit at the keys and play. Mostly, turn on the system, sit at the keys and play what ever comes. Sometimes, I record myself playing a beat on the acoustic drums then try to form music around it. Kind of obscure but it has worked from time to time. Laying the bass and melody down next then moving on to the accompaniment instruments.
    Most recently, to few and far between the ideas come.
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    As my notation skills are pretty abysmal I just sit at the keyboard, play, and hope for the best

    I like a good jam session, and there's nothing better to finding new tunes than going with the flow (and usually trying to keep up, or out do your mates ). Though if I don't record what I'm playing I can almost guarantee that my memory will never recall what I did - which usually is the case...lol

    I was composing some dub for a short film over the weekend, and, as always seems to happen, I worry like mad that I'm not going to come up with anything.

    My process for this project was:

    -Sit down at keyboard and sequencer - play/record
    -Record something that sounds not too bad
    -Add a few more instruments to back it up
    -Find that the original recording that started it off sucked - delete that
    -Add to the last recorded parts - find that the newest line works better in another piece - Copy and paste

    Not the prettiest of situations, but when you only have two days to come up with three pieces of music in a style you're not totally used to ...

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    Re: How do you start your composition

    Most of my very best bits are written in my head in the car. Of course I forget those, so when I'm at a keyboard I just fool around until I hear something I like- then run with that!!

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