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Topic: Really Stupid GS Edit Question

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    Re: Really Stupid GS Edit Question

    Peak does not preserve loop points when it creates a .WAV sound, so you have to use another program like Spark to convert your sound, once looped in Peak, to the .WAV format.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Really Stupid GS Edit Question

    Thanks Kirk! That does help. If I convert it to a wave in Spark will it still preserve the crossfade of the loop I create?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Really Stupid GS Edit Question

    Many editors have this problem, some rely heavily on seperate \"chunk data\" files. I\'d suggest getting Awave studio on the PC, and using that to convert the AIFF files. IT batch converts both ways, and will keep loops. Just so long as Peak writes the loop info in the AIFF file. Its been a while since I used peak so I cant remember. (if other mac apps can see the loop you\'re prolly fine).

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    Re: Really Stupid GS Edit Question

    Yes, Spark will preserve crossfade loops too. I am using it for my new libraries, and so far, it\'s working very well.

    Spark also Batch-Converts, but in order to preserve the loops, I found that I had to manually convert each file.

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    Really Stupid GS Edit Question

    So I\'m creating a sample by importing audio I\'ve recorded on my mac in GS Edit. My very stupid question:

    How do I loop the audio file?

    I\'ve set up the loop with and without a crossfade in Peak on my mac, but it doesn\'t seem to get imported into GS Edit.

    How do I get this to work?


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