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Topic: Help dear folks please ?

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    Help dear folks please ?

    Hello dear folks,

    My GS is taking ages to load a sample.
    Yup UDMA/DMA is on, tweaked system dedicated
    Maxtor 5T020H2 20 Gig drive on Secundairy.
    Defragmenting very often so I\'m clueless.

    vcache max/min 16383
    512 MB ram
    Windows ME
    Intel PIII and Intel Chipset

    In the beginning samples loaded in seconds, now they refuse to load.


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    Re: Help dear folks please ?

    Just to let you know somebody read your post-but I don\'t have a real answer. My suggestion is to fdisk, reformat-reinstall everything. Major PITA, but usually helps.

    Added any new software? Viruses? Good luck, bro.

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    Re: Help dear folks please ?


    I had a problem similar to this.. The only way i could load gig files was to right click on them and select \"Load\", or something similar....

    I reinstalled gigastudio and it seemed to solve the issue....
    i realise that the problem may not be similar to mine but i have found that every problem i faced i ended up re-formatting the machine.... It just seems a bit overkill in your case....

    Is giga on the primary drive? or the secondry....

    what drive is the primary?
    and where are you gig files stored?

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    Re: Help dear folks please ?

    What hard drive controller are you using? Giga has had some issues with certain types, some Promise ATA100 controllers, for example. Just churns, churns, and loads like molasses. I went back to the standard MOBO controller and it cleared up the problem.

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    Re: Help dear folks please ?

    Promise ATA indeed, anyway cleared the vcache bull**** (16386) in the sys.ini and it now loads gigapiano in some secs. Meaning the Vcache setting really can make a negative difference.

    I guess most people with ghz pc\'s don\'t realise this is of some help for old pc\'s. Don\'t mess with Vcache (ESPECIALLY IN ME) otherwise you and up with a tardy GS160 2.5.48 .. anyway that was what did it for me.

    The only reason why I choose GS above Halion/EXS24 is that it\'s multitimbral and that\'s the ONLY reason. GS is a pain in the *** and contains bugs for years and years.

    Emagic WILL surpass Nemesys soon!

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