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Topic: Relatively quiet here.

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    Thumbs up Relatively quiet here.

    It has been relatively quiet on this forum lately. This leads me to believe that you are all home watching reruns of Leave It To Beaver. No, wait, that's not what I meant to say. It leads me to believe you are all hard at work working on you compositions for the big qhuge GPO contest right? Well, if not, you're in big trouble 'cause ya only have until this December.
    So, come out with your notes held high and your manuscript polished and win that tittle! May the best composer win. Good luck to all of you fine fantastic (not to mention my favorites) composers.
    BTW - If it were in my power, I would hire an orchestra to play all your works. We would have a night of GPO compositions live! Cool, huh?

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    Re: Relatively quiet here.

    Hey Styxx,

    Awesome show! Things were all crazy 'til Ward got home and had a talk with the Beav...

    But seriously, if you're a bored moderator, can you think of a good book or tutorial that would show me how to at least sort of "play" percussion on a midi keyboard? I'm not much of a groover or a looper, I'd rather just play it if I can learn how.

    Also, are there any instructions around here for explaining how one actually posts a demo? I don't have a clue, but I think I can probably make one of those little web pages thru my ISP that could link to some tunes that I would upload into some free web space.

    Hope everyone in Florida stays safe.

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