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Topic: How to load Vienna String in Kontatk?

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    How to load Vienna String in Kontatk?

    Hi eveerybody!

    I jsut got the Vienna Stringz. And I would love to load them in Kontakt, is there anybody that has them or know how to load them in? Please let me know. And what I dont understand is: you know if I choose String Ens. then in the folder of this one, i see a folder called: Programs and another one: instrument right..? So I choose the second one. But now my question is.. i mean i see lets say" Vlns mV A4/A5/A6 etc.. and in this folder there is also example: Pizz Mv A4/A5/D#5 etc.. Now how do I upload lets say only the Violins and for them to be layered in the key zonw perfectly and be able to play that string that I choose? I dont know if I explain myself well but I'm sure if you have either Vienna or aother Stringz samples, I think you'll undersrtand what 'm trying to explain you..

    THank you in advance fro your response


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    Re: How to load Vienna String in Kontatk?

    Solar, VSL works like any Lib. Just load in a program. not the 'samples" folder underneath..Best ,Rich

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    Thank you Rich but..

    Hello Rich! Thank you so much for taking the time... I hear you about that it is like any another soundLIb but my point is lets take an example:

    Say i wanna open the Vienna Harp: In the harp folder ther is two subfolders:
    One is PROGRAMS and the other one is SAMPLES right? Now wich one i choose and how do i open them, do i just drug to the right window?

    Thank you very much Rich. Appreciate your help



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    Re: How to load Vienna String in Kontatk?

    I seriously recommend that you get CDxtract to do that convertion. It is faster and easier than doing it in Kontakt, and it will sound the same.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you very Bernardo...

    I thank you very .. that is what i was doing, getting CDXTRACT.. so i'll try that.. and after that I can open them in KOntakt? An d after I extract them, how do I layer the sounds.. do i have to choose the program or Samples? Cuz normally in Giga samples, ther eis always in the folder 2 subfolder? Programs and Samples..

    Thank you again.. appreciate


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