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Topic: OT: Radiohead

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    OT: Radiohead

    Just curious to see what everyone thinks of Radiohead...


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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    They amused me for a few minutes...

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    In my top five favorite bands of all time - especially for Kid A and OK Computer.
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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    Same here. One of my favorite bands ever. Period.

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    Not only one of the best band ever, But the only band I`ve seen recently that is BETTER live than there brilliant albums. For any die hard Radiohead fans here, I must recommend Johnny`s solo films score effort called "Bodysong". See if u can find it ..very "experimental". Rich

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    I liked them up until "Kid A", then they pretty much got too weird for my tastes.

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    I bought something of Radiohead because I saw the 'Pyramid Song' a couple of times on MTV. It sounded interesting depressive. But once I got the CD and listened to it without the pictures I found that some of the magic was gone. It's the voice I'm not a fan of. But now that I remember having this CD, I'll listen to it again this weekend .

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    I do give them a lot of credit for doing something original.. Yeah, you can trace the sound back to a lot of sources but they have a unique spin on it all. Honestly it is Thom Yorke's (sp??) voice that burns me out after a time.

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    Re: OT: Radiohead

    Radiohead used a part originally written by Paul Lansky (an electronic music composer) which was created out of a small part of one of Wagner's operas, so there's an orchestral connection there ;-)

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