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Topic: 12 bugs

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    12 bugs

    I realize this is a lot for one message, but I thought I would throw these out there to see if anyone else is suffering from these issues. Some may not be bugs per se, but are at the very least weak spots in the program. I am actually hoping that there is some user error involved here, or maybe just a problem with my particular PC, because some of these just seem too simple to have been missed in beta testing. I haven't seen any of these brought up on this forum either, so maybe this is just me. I have tested all of these on two different systems. Except for two of the BSOD issues, all occur on both systems. One system is an Athlon64 with 2gig of RAM, while the other is an AthlonXP with 1Gig.

    I must start by saying that the core performance of GS3 is definitely improved over GS2.5. I love the faster loading time, and it seems to be using less CPU for comparable projects. My issues are all with new features. I have read the entire manual, and still am not having any luck resolving them. I sent these to Tascam tech support via email yesterday. They are listed in descending order of importance, at least for me:

    1- Save a GSP with VST Insert FX in it. When you reload it, all of the VST FX are Bypassed. This is by far the worst bug for me because it makes using VSTs almost impossible. Am I doing something wrong?

    2- The Bank/Patch Manager settings don't get saved properly with a gsp file. When I assign custom bank/patch numbers to instruments, then save all as a gsp, and reload the gsp, all of the instruments wind up on bank 0. Their custom patch numbers are retained, but not the bank number. This means that, for example, if I assign one instrument to Bank 1, patch 0, and another to Bank 2, patch 0, when I reload the gsp, they are both on Bank 0, patch 0.

    3- This one is weird. I am getting cracks and pops when Amplitube 1.3 is loaded onto a channel in the DSP mixer. However, if I hide the DSP mixer and go back to the Midi Mixer, the noise goes away.

    4- Rewire – My Setup screen shows a latency 2048 samples for plugins when using Rewire. Is this a fixed value? That is huge, and makes using plugins in a rewire setup virtually impossible. Is there a way to lower it?

    5- Similarly, why is the plugin latency 4x the audio buffer size? Can this possibly be lowered, even at the expense of cpu? No other vst host does this. Plugin latency is usually equal to the audio card latency, or at most equal to two buffers. 4 buffers is pretty high.

    6- iMidi – I am only able to load one iMidi rule per instrument. If I try to add a second one, I get a message saying that “this version of Gigastudio only supports 1 iMidi rule per instrument. The manual (pg 109) shows at least 4 per instrument in a screen shot. I have GS3-Orchestra. I have tried this with several instruments and get the same thing every time.

    7- Occasionally, when editing an instrument in the editor, I can’t save it. I get a message that the .gig file can’t be opened for output.

    8- The Insert FX fields in the DSP Mixer don’t handle effects with long names very well. The name will overwrite the down arrow for the drop down menu, which means there is no way to delete the effect. For example, try DigitalFishPhones BLOCKFISH Compressor (a free download off the web). Once you insert it, there is no way to remove it because the drop-down menu for the insert is inaccessible.

    9-Sequencer Priority Setting on Mixer/Disk Engine Tab is Missing.

    10- Ending the msg32.exe process in Task Manager causes BSOD (PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES, no driver specified). This didn’t happen with GS2.5. It is sometimes useful to free up resources in a session that will not require GS, or when something gets hosed in msg32.exe.

    11- Repeatable BSOD: (only on the A64 system)
    - Load VSL-Viola Ensemble Legato.gig
    - Open the iMIDI rules for VSL-Violas Legato-p
    - Press 'Edit...' next to the Active Rules Window
    - Use “Listen” feature to assign C1 (or probably any other key) to all key switches (they will be on C-1 to begin with)
    - Play your controller
    - Press C1 (or whatever key you assigned above)
    - Play the keys on the GS3 onscreen keyboard
    - BSOD in ew.sys

    12- Another Reproducible BSOD: (only on A64 system)
    - Open GigaPianoII (any flavor) in GS3 – play it a bit
    - Close GS3
    - Open GPII in Editor
    - Delete 'Velocity 7' folder of samples.
    - Try to save instrument – you will get an error that it can’t be opened
    - Click toolbar button to load instrument
    - When prompted to save first, click “Save”
    - Error in Conexant Wave Stream
    - BSOD – PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES – no driver listed

    Tom Boughner

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    Re: 12 bugs

    Wow, no one has any response to this?

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    Re: 12 bugs

    A response!

    I'm not using external VSTs or Rewire or an A64, so I can't comment on it all.

    2- Banks. I hope they take care of this quickly. It should be easier than the BSOD stuff.

    Regarding BSOD, it would be great if they make a GigaProfiler. Propective customers would download it and run it and go through a simple procedure. If audio plays, captures and nothing crashes, then go ahead and buy GS3. If it fails, fix/reconfigure your system or wait for a GS3 update and try again. They might gain sales from those who are unsure, and might avoid pissing people off who can't run the program.

    6 - iMIDI: one instance. That seems to be the consensus. I wonder what's in store?

    10 - My system is pretty solid, but I can't shut down Msg32.exe either. It would be nice if they'd address this for the next version.


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    Re: 12 bugs

    1- Inserted effects. Only mine's not with VST, but native effects. They come up as bypassed, and deselecting bypass does not help. They must be reinserted. I made presets within the effects to simplify this effort, but it is still a pain.


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    Re: 12 bugs

    Thanks for the responses Jon and Poco. It's good to know that I am not the only one experiencing many of these issues. I just can't believe some of these made it out the door - how could they have missed the one about inserts being bypassed when reopening a performance file?

    Here's hoping for a quick patch. GS3 is going to be great once these kinks get worked out.

    Incidentally, I submitted all of these to Tascam tech support about a week ago, and still haven't gotten a response from them.

    Tom Boughner

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    Re: 12 bugs

    Also, inserted effects in the AUX returns come up bypassed when a prf. is reloaded, however, just un-bypassing seems to turn them on properly but still a pain to have to turn on all FX when loading a performance...

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