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Topic: sonar2- xp-giga latency and sync issue

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    sonar2- xp-giga latency and sync issue

    Hi all,
    I just installed sonar2Xl, win xp and giga 2.51 on a p4 1.6, 512mb ram, with 2 audiopliles 2496 and a dedicated sample drive with raid controller. Everything worked fine before with sonar 1.02, win 98 Se. Now, evrything still works and latency has dropped a lot with the wdm drivers BUT I have a very annoyng problem : altough latency is very low when I start recording a track with giga, when I switch tracks or change sound then suddenly it seems like sonar looses its tight response and i get a huge delay when playing on the keyboard. Then, if i close sonar and reopen it, its tight again and I know that within 5 to 10 minutes it will loose its sync again. Of course I tried all latency related ajustements (buffer size ect) and nothing solves my problem. Any Idea ? I know giga is not the problem because I get the same thing with dxi synths. Please help...

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    Re: sonar2- xp-giga latency and sync issue

    This seems to be a bug with Sonar. I\'ve experienced the same thing. Another way to reset Sonar\'s MIDI delay is to simply open the MIDI Devices window, then close it. I guess Sonar re-initializes it\'s midi drivers.

    To do this quickly, I mapped Ctrl-M to pop this window up. So every so often, I just hit Ctrl-M, then Enter to close the window and reset the midi delay.

    Incredibly stupid nonetheless. Several others have mentioned this problem on the Cakewalk forums, but after several emails with Cakewalk, they don\'t acknowledge that it might be bug in Sonar. (i.e. Their tech support is: Do you have the latest drivers? which I do and help goes no where from there.)

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