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Topic: Licensing Music for Websites Info?

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    Licensing Music for Websites Info?

    What kind of deals are some of you getting for licensing your music to commercial websites? In the early days of the web, I'd do it for real cheap, but I suspect the market has evolved by now. This is for a national (Canada) web presence/client.

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    Re: Licensing Music for Websites Info?

    I guess it depends on the webpage. If the page has a complex flash movie, a well defined timeline and some fx, you can charge as much as you would for a non-internet job, like a local commercial. But if the page requires a music loop for ambient sound, maybe it gets simpler, and you will charge less. If it requires several loops in sync we´re back to the first case.

    But we´re are getting here to the same point that has been debated in other threads here. "How much do I charge for...". If you are not sure, there is one rule that always aplies:

    1 - Find out how much your day of work is worth.

    2 - Find out how much time you will spend to get the job done.

    3 - Find out the life span the product you are dealing.

    4 - Charge in the same proportion.

    Example: If you reach the conclusion that your production day is worth $500 (all costs included, even financial and opportunity costs), and you are gonna take 2 days to finish the job, that´s $1000. Now you are dealing with a webpage that is going to be active for six months. If this is the minimum period, you have $1000 x 1 = $1000. If it is one year, then $1000 x 2 = $2000. This will be your safe values, those you can offer so that you will not work for free in any case. Anything you charge above it is also possible and desirable, and that´s where the music ends and business start! Above these values you can charge for your differentials, criativity and all the other stuff that are not merely economic variables. It´s tough to learn that, but with time you will get used to it.

    Ps: These calculations are very simplistic, but they are a good point to start. The first step is the more difficult, because finding your costs requires time, time, time and calm. And don´t forget the taxes!

    Good Luck!

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