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Topic: GS 160 dissappearing voices?

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    GS 160 dissappearing voices?

    hi there again, all...
    I\'m still pretty new with GS160, but encountered a (big & unexplainable) problem this evening. I\'ve loaded 5 Garriton strings instruments (details below) into 5 midi channels of Port A. The piece plays from my (Mac) seq. just fine until the \"final chord\"...literally! That chord has 7 simultaneous tones...2 x 1st vln, 2 x 2nd vln, 1 each for vla, cli & DB. All tones have the same vel. No DSP. GS is dropping tones, usually the db & celli, but not always. If I loop-play just the chord, GS will drop different notes on different passes and - rarely - play all of the notes at once. Sometimes it plays the lower strings & drop the fiddles. The meter shows the chord using 50 voices and the max meter shows 62 voices used.
    I\'m really perplexed and can\'t find any way to \"adjust\" GS\'s voice capacity...I thought it was always 160, if the computer could handle it?
    I sure would appreciate suggestions and thanks in advance.

    GS160, ver. 2.5 loaded with Garriton 1st Vln SusV, 2nd Vln SusV, Vla SusV, Celli SusV, and Basses.
    Intel P4 @ 1.6Ghz, 1 GB RAM, dedicated 80 meg/7200 rpm IDE drive, Windows XP Home.

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    Re: GS 160 dissappearing voices?

    Go into Settings for GigaStudio and make sure it is set for 160 voices and then hit apply. It sounds like it\'s setup for just 64 voices. The GOS gigs your using should not eat up all the polyphony. I\'m able to play all those patches together just fine in GigaStudio 96.

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