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Topic: Kompakt VSTi Maximum Size??

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    Kompakt VSTi Maximum Size??

    What is the maximum file size for a single instrument Kompakt VSTi?

    Is there a way to circumvent the Windows file size limitations by using two separate files, that work in conjunction in some way?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Kompakt VSTi Maximum Size??

    Hi Hans! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ,
    I thinks its the same as in Kontakt 1.5. The 2nd part of your Q: i dont know..best to post this on the NI Kontakt forum or PM Nick Pheonix since he`s done a bunch of Kompakt VSTi`s..Best, Rich

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    Re: Kompakt VSTi Maximum Size??

    Thanks Rich,

    You\'re a reliable man...!

    My thinking is this:

    Since Kontakt is using a folder system for the raw wav data, a Kontakt instrument wouldn\'t really be limited by windows file size constraints, as long as the .nki file isn\'t bigger than 2Gb. This would allow for really large pianos for instance.

    The problem is when you want to imbed the wav data in a Kompakt VSTi instrument, and thus creating a monolithic file. Then Windows limitations apply.

    The problem that is looking for a solution is:
    How can I distribute a large copyrighted instrument?

    Not really politically correct on this Forum maybe, but that\'s what I am trying to figure out.


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    Re: Kompakt VSTi Maximum Size??

    I`m not sure if u can help u with that Hans! I`m assuming that u hold the copytight!?! Right? I`m pretty sure that NI needs to encode the Monolith(.nks) file to insure that no one can just crack it and export the waves out(pretty good CP if u ask me..). But of couse an .nki can be any size under 2GB or maybe u can get around this by making a Multi(.nkm). I`m not sure if I`m helping anymore.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Your Rock O` Gebralter Rich P.S check your PM`s

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