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Topic: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

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    1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Hi !

    I\'m interssted if anybody has problems loading Gig-files bigger than 1 GB into GigaStudio 2.5 ?
    I have read some stuff in other news-groups about that topic. BTW, I\'m not able to load one of my two big (1,2 GB) Fender Stratocaster files anymore.

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    The size of a gig file isn\'t what determines whether it can be loaded or not. Giga loads 64k of each sample in the file into RAM, however, so if the number of samples x 64k exceeds your available RAM you would not be able to load the file. If you are having trouble loading a particular file that used to load OK, all else being equal, the file has probably become corrupted.

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Also remember, XP needs LOTS more memory than Win98.

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Doug, how comes, I can load the file into GSedit 2.5, but not into the GigaStudio 2.5. It seems like the file(s) wouldn\'t be corrupted. Thanks

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Hmm. That\'s a good question. And can you play it when it\'s loaded in the editor? Have you tried saving it to a new name? Is it a 2.0 format file?

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Thanks for reply. Well, haven\'t tried to save the stuff under a new name. Will try it next. The files are 2.0 but I can\'t play \'em in Giga Editior.

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    Re: 1 GB Gig-Files - any trouble ?

    Hi Doug, sorry, but also no chance to load that stuff by changing the file-name. It takes exactly 19 sek to load the huge GigaPiano (about 600 MB).

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