Apologies straight away for my ignorance in these matters but I suppose the best thing is to post to this forum for advice.

Reference the organ samples posted earlier, I am now getting together some results (yes, it\'s been a very steep learning curve) and at some juncture I will wish to market/sell them.

My own views are that the majority of libraries of any sort are well over priced (with some notable exceptions) and quality is sometimes dubious and usability even more so. Pricing at a sensible rate would encourage more people to \"take the risk\" and commit to a particular prject.

The way I look upon it is that if I was to provide say a single finished organ stop (based on much work and effort needless to say) for about £10 sterling and therefore a complete disk of say 10 individual stops, several \"extensions / duplexes / manufactured \"stops\" plus a few salient combinations of several stops together for about £100 sterling, (totalling about 500-600Mb) is this sensible, unreasonable, overpriced or what ?

Likewise, I consider that the provision of an individual CD based on each individuals particular choices from a list of stops at say £10 each plus a few bonus \"stops\" or combinations could be fair and the total set accordingly.

Of course, no one so far knows my capabilities as regards eventual quality within this direction so at present this remains subjective. However, the furhter provision of demos (yes I have to get a web site sorted yet) via Mp3 web site or individual e-mails plus smallish attachments would be considered if this was the route to go.

I\'m sorry if I sound so amateurish in this marketing / sales side but I\'m a musician and soundcraftsperson first and foremost and the last thing I want is to produce some library that is desirable but only accesible to the very few.

Similarly, would it be sensible to produce the same \"products\" in soundfont idiom or other file type ?