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Topic: Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

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    Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

    I have yet to convert all from v2 to v3 ... is it safe? Has anyone encountered any corruption ??

    It makes me a WEEEEE bit nervous, but i assume the optimization is worth it (e.g. - faster loading times, more efficient streaming, etc).

    I have had only ONE blue screen, thus far. cannot get a project file to open without going KABOOM, this is after i applied a few VST effects to various channels, saved, closed and tried to reopen. Luckily, my i remembered what instruments i had loaded and rebuilt the file. But now i am VERY nervous about adding effects.

    Comments ?


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    Re: Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

    Hello ??? No one ?

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    Re: Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

    I've done some conversion, in the course of editing instruments to suit, but haven't seen any benefit -- the instrument actually seems to take a little more ram, and a little longer to load. Haven't had any problems with saving, either, so if you have reason to change a file and need to do it, you shouldn't have great fears. BUt based on my limited experience I wouldn't bother re-saving files just to gain any kind of performance advantage.

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    Re: Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

    thanks for the heads up !!

    I just noticed in the menu when i select "Rebuild Quicksound Database" there is option to convert all to Giga 3.0 --- when i went from Gigasampler 1.0 to Gigastudio 2.0 - it made a huge difference. Obviously, this does not.


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    Re: Convert to Gigastudio 3.0 Instruments ??

    Back when I had crash problems (before my BIOS update and clean SP1 install), I had a crash when converting from 2.0 to 3.0 and corrupted a small gig or two.

    Suggestion: copy your gigs before your convert them. Hopefully, your machine is solid and things won't crash, but it's better safe than sorry. You never know when the power grid might fail!


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