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Topic: Creating a Kontakt Library

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    Creating a Kontakt Library

    I\'m interested in creating a Kontakt version of the Westgate Studios Woodwind Collection. I currently only use PC\'s so I\'m wondering how I should proceed since I know nothing about the program.

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    Re: Creating a Kontakt Library

    I think it\'s probably just a matter of importing the gig files into Kontakt, then tweaking them re: crossfading, key switching, velocity, etc. The interface is very simple to work with.

    I\'d suggest you download a demo copy and check it out.

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    Re: Creating a Kontakt Library

    Actually, If your westgate Lib. is in giga format,a direct import into Kontakt will probably missing most key dimensions(proper mod. wheel x-fades etc..). Most folks are having better luck putting there giga samples through CDXtract or any 3rd party translator like that first. NI is working on improving the giga import now. It should be better next update.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Rich

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