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Topic: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

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    An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Hi, I've had QLSO Gold for a few weeks now, and i'm starting to get
    the hang of it.
    I'm new to the whole orchestral midi thing. But i've listened to
    lots of orchestral material, and i am a classical guitarist, so
    i understand harmony and beat division quite well.

    I've always loved John Williams, and so i did a Williamsesque
    Please feel free to tell me how i can
    improve my programming. There are some dynamite midi
    programmers around here! Its very intimidating!!
    But im really working to get better.

    Also, this clip was not done from a pre-made midi file, i figured it out
    by ear, and i step wrote every note and drew mod info exclusively
    in the piano roll/ matrix editor. No controller!

    Here's the link,

    Cheers all,

    P 4 / 3.0 ghz 1 gig ram 3 7200rpm WD HD's.
    Logic 5.5 PC QLSO GOLD

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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Excellent work Todd! The opening 30 seconds or so is very convincing and very nicely composed and arranged. It statrs to sound a little fake after that, partly I feel, because of the almost identical repetition in the cymbal crashes. I would suggest using at least 2 different crashes and also varying the velocity a little more.

    Considering you're just starting out, I'm very impressed!


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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Thanks! I do have some midi expierience, since i do run Logic.
    But this kinda stuff is way new, and requires tons more attention
    to detail. I've learned tons from this forum. Believe me, if
    i hadnt come here and learned so much before i even got Gold,
    i would never have gotten this far. Thanks all.

    Since you say "nice compsition" i must say, this is heavily
    based on the theme to "Hook". (JW) Should have been
    more specific. Hookmock!

    Thanks for alerting me to the cymbal crashes!! I feel so dumb,
    cause its so obvious. I'm a just still in such awe of these
    sounds, its nuts! Its hard to not just sit back and go, wow!
    And not pay attention to the details like velocity!
    But yeah, the cymbal is the same velocity, every time! ITs crazy,
    cause i spent sooooo much time in the editor tweeking velocities, and
    i let that slide. I'm sure i let a bunch slide probably

    Thanks for taking the time to post your opinion. And dont
    be afraid to alert me to other details, no matter how fine.
    I want, and especially, i need to know!! I really want to
    try to use Gold to its full potential.
    Thanks Chrisaxia!

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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    I really enjoyed this.

    Is there extra reverb here? It sounds larger than normal Gold demos.

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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    There is a touch of Waves IR reverb, but not on
    every instrument.

    I'm glad you enjoyed that one. Thanks for the positive comment.


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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    HA! That's great! You should expand on the theme more, though. I've noticed that many pieces I hear on NS are not very long. Expand! Make it longer!

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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Hi again Todd,

    Ahh, I realise that 'Hook' is one of the few JW scores I don't know at all well. Anyway, so long as you didn't 'rip it off' completely, you've done a nice job.

    Keep going!


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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Great Sound, very Big! ,
    "God is Love"

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    Thumbs up Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    Sounds great Todd, a very solid start to doing an orchestral mockup!
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: An EWQLSO GOLD Demo/ Mockup

    It sure is great to hear positive comments from you all.
    You're right Scott!
    Mock ups are a wonderful way to learn what going
    on, and getting your feet wet. I already have a much
    better overview now that i got through that.

    Cheers all,


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