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Topic: Extra Computers

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    Wink Extra Computers

    Hey guys,

    I recently acquired another powerbook and an older PC, still nice though. I was wondering what I could use thse extra CPU cycles for? Heres the current setups as it pertains to this post:

    M-Audio Firewire Audiophile
    Mac Powerbook 12"
    Mac Powerbook 15"
    Gateway PC
    Lacie Drive
    Mackie monitors
    Multiple MIDI keyboards.

    Tons of other stuff.

    How would you guys recommend using these extra computers? I know you'll probably need more info but throw ideas and ?'s my way and I'll be as thorough as possible. I appreciate the help a lot.


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    Re: Extra Computers

    Can you post the specs on the computers ?

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    Re: Extra Computers

    For the PC, add a DVD burner and a big hard drive and you have a file server that you can keep all of your archives on and burn DVD backups from it. If you ever burn CDs for distribution, you can use that PC and do something else while the CDs are churning.

    Use the powerbook as a mobile sketch pad. With the weather as nice as it is now, I'd like to sit outside and work out ideas.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: Extra Computers

    VSTi player.
    Audio Editor
    Internet buffer - nothing goes to the net but this box, doesn't need to be super fast.
    File Server
    Video editor for all that porn you download

    Get a KVM switch and use one keyboard, monitor and mouse. Works great...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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