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Topic: Optimization info?

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    Optimization info?

    Does anyone know if are there any good books on using gigastudio? Is there any good sources for optimization information where everything is summarized in one place?

    I am running GigaStudio 2.2 with an Aardvark direct pro sound card on a 933mHz intel pc with 2 new 7200 rpm hard disks and half a Gig of RAM and I\'m still getting the occasional pop when I play, kind of distressing after spending so much money...

    Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

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    Re: Optimization info?

    Check the Tascam forum. There is an optimalisation doc there somewhere.

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    Re: Optimization info?

    Dear 22,
    I foolishly did the foolish optimization, and now I\'m wondering if I should undo some of it. I do no recording... I\'m interested only in optimizing for real time live performance. Is anything in the optimization going to adversely effect what I get out of Giga?

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    Re: Optimization info?

    Theres also some advise on www.soniccontrol.com


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    Re: Optimization info?


    Which OS are you running?

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    Re: Optimization info?


    I\'m running Win2000

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    Re: Optimization info?

    Very little to do with win2k and XP. outside of what you read on all teh pages - reinfoce that:

    - Fix your page file space to 2x the memory and i mean 2x
    - Get rid of as many background tasks as you can - services and start up drivers and apps
    - Run APM and NOT ACPI; disable PnPOS in your BIOS
    - Use FAT32 @ 32k clusters
    - DisablePagingExecutive=1
    - SessionPages=-1
    - IOPageLockLimit may be useles in service pack 2+
    - disable any ports not needed such as your printer and comm ports
    - move your sound card to a lower slot; make sure all cards have non shared IRQ; w2k gives higher IRQL to lower slots
    - DMA - makes sure its enabled

    Check out

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    Re: Optimization info?

    The documentation doc is foolishly geared to Audio recording applications. Beware

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