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Topic: Shoes for Afghan Children

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    Exclamation Shoes for Afghan Children

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    Thought i may take the opportunity to ask any fellow NS'ers if they would like to donate shoes to children in an Afghan refugee camp.

    My brother-in-law David was recently sent to Ghazni, Afghanistan (he is a reservist). He called family last week urging us to collect shoes for Afghan children in the near-by refugee camp. He said the conditions are terribly sad - small children with no shoes, or those who do, keep them wrapped in cloth to cover the holes. Winter is approaching, and it will certainly take a toll on the little ones.

    My wife and I just collected a few dozen pairs of shoes and winter coats, we will be shipping them this week, and then i will have an idea of what the shipping cost for our 2 boxes comes out to.

    Regardless of political ideology (i do not agree with either war(s), and i also have a brother-in-law stationed outside of Bahgdad) this is an opportunity to directly help the little ones in this desitute region.

    If you would like to help, please PM me and i will send you his address.


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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    Thank you Ernstinen !!!

    That's very kind of you !!! It feels good to make a difference !!


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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children


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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    PM me too - Longs drug store - great flip-flops (no pun inten....oh what the hell) at a great price. Bag of 'em and new too.

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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    I found some more good kids shoes at Goodwill today. Since my wife and I don't have children, I was pleasantly surprised that the shoes all have lug soles (so the young ones can slog through the Afghan mud)! God bless their little hearts ---

    Thanks again Ernstinen !!! You have a big heart my friend !!!!!!!

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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    In the words of our fearful, er, fearless leader, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"! Shoes went out today. Postage was only about $2/pound. You have to fill out a customs form, which was no big deal.

    Thanks for the heads up, Scott --- It made me feel good to help!

    Man ---- you ROCK !!!!!! Thanks again !!!!! Amazing how we can effect peoples lives in such positive way through ASCII text on a sample forum. WOW !! My family also thanks you

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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    I'm bumping this thread because I have two good sized boxes that I plan to mail today. They are full of clothes and shoes and blankets and winter gear. The funny thing is when you ask people to contribute they contribute what they have. That included shoes, but the good folk here in the Midwest insist on throwing in other goodies. I have the address to send it to and I hope it arrives in time. Please let the recipient know it's coming in two large boxes that say Burger King on them (I don't remember the story behind how we got them, we used them in our last move).


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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    WOW! Thanks again Steve and Ern :-)

    have let David know they are coming. Its never too late - those little kids need all the help we can give them. Ever since the invasion, the majority of Afghans who ran too the border tto attempt shelter in Pakistan have remained in refugee camps on the border, because they really have no where else to go. Dont believe what the media says, things are still very grim in Afghanistan.

    Thanks again guys, --- and others, it is still not too late to help, PM me if you would like to.
    And Steve, check your PM please :-)

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    Re: Shoes for Afghan Children

    Hey !

    We heard from David this week - he recieved packages from my wife and I and Ernst - he was so surprised !! And grateful!!!

    We didnt get to speak to him, but i guess he kept going on about the letter you enclosed Ernst I guess it really touched him ! (curious as to what you said).

    Thanks again man!!! Still wish there was more i could do in my comfy little world here.

    Pantonality, ill let ya know when he recieves your package! It takes a while to get there.

    Thanks again Ernst, your a stand up dude!

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