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Topic: OT: Scroll Wheel problem in Finale 2002

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    OT: Scroll Wheel problem in Finale 2002

    Quick question for any finale users.

    I just installed my copy of Finale 2002 on three computers that I use (work office, home office, and studio).

    The mouse scroll wheel works fine on both office computers, but unfortunately the studio computer (my Gigastudio PC) won\'t scroll using the wheel. I know that the wheel works because it scrolls correctly when I\'m using Gigastudio, but it doesn\'t work in Finale. Am I missing something?

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    Re: OT: Scroll Wheel problem in Finale 2002

    Go to http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouse/download.asp and get the free intellipoint software. It will allow you to scroll. Also, with that software you can program your extra mouse buttons (if you have any) to do special things. For example, I have the middle mouse button (wheel) set to undo, the 4th button set to MassMover, and the 5th one to the Selection tool. I\'ve also designated a lot of shortcut keys on my keyboard for various tasks and menu items in Finale.

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    Re: OT: Scroll Wheel problem in Finale 2002

    astrt4 ,

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, yesterday I did just what you recommended. My Studio computer isn\'t hooked up to the internet, so I had to load it to a CD-RW at the office and bring it home. Works like a charm now. I\'m wondering why I didn\'t have the software installed in the first place, since I had to buy the optical mouse separately from Best Buy. I don\'t recall any software included with the mouse, but I may have been too excited at the time to get the scroll wheel so I just plugged it in and went with the existing mouse driver when it worked in GS.

    Finale 2002 is AWESOME. I\'d heard horror stories about the learning curve, but Coda has included a wonderful set of tutorials (even a number of short video demonstrations on the software CD). I\'m just starting to explore what it can do, and I\'m blown away at how easy it is to create great looking scores.

    Anyway, thanks again for the suggestion. You were right on the money - I just didn\'t have the correct software installed.

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