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Topic: The Music Link Review game

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    The Music Link Review game

    I have seen so many signatures in here with "My music" or "NameProductions.com" but how many people ever visit them?

    So this is the idea . You listen to a composition of the person above you and you write down :
    Title of song you heard
    Does it overally work as a song Yes/no
    Constructive comments/things you would do ( eq ,harmony ,structure , ideas etc)

    Afterwards you write down your own music link so the next replier takes a listen to yours and so on .

    If a page is not working properly, you say it and the person gets another row in the game later silently so the flow is uninterrupted.

    All ready? Set - GO !

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    Re: The Music Link Review game

    Hi Theodor,
    This is a cool Idea I'll give it a go.

    Since I couldn't find a link for any of your music I will post mine first.
    I am posting the whole site so that someone may just pick any piece they like and comment on it. " I just hope they don't pick "Harpsichord and flute trio" somehow when I uploaded it, the file got all messed up and it doesn't sound right.

    This should be fun.


    Note: Most of the pieces are .wma but the last few pieces at the bottom of the page are .mp3
    (The Nut )


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    Re: The Music Link Review game


    I chose "Tragedy, the Fallen hero."

    Does it work as a song : Yes

    Comments : I really liked the song and the overall feeling the heavy funeral type brass gives ( my cousin btw next to me is humming along the theme now that i am playing it again ) . The only things i would change is the snare which seems to be a bit out of the mix, maybe a bit reverb would send it to the background . I don't think the large chord at the end is nescesary , maybe just the drums fading out would be better in my oppinion .

    Overall : Really good, i give it a 8.4/10 for the music stand-alone , playing along a movie scene for the same context "Fallen Hero" i give it 8.9/10

    My link is : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/9/jo...fsolsmusic.htm

    Please exclude "Intro" from your choices

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    Re: The Music Link Review game


    I chose "Abandoned" from your link.

    Does it work as a song: Yes, as a long prog rock track, just as it's billed.

    Overall: I love prog rock (ie: Rush, Dream Theater...) and while your's wasn't as heavy it still presented some of the ingredients that drew me to prog rock in the beginning: a sense of something larger, not just a three minute pop tune.

    My link: www.alanjoseph.com for my personal music - there are two pages, an electronic music page and an orchestral music page...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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