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Topic: QuickEdit Bug - menus that grow and grow

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    QuickEdit Bug - menus that grow and grow

    Can anyone else replicate this ?

    With every additional instrument loaded into GS3, the FILTER drop down menues in QuickEdit seem to duplicate the menu items, in direct relation to the number of instruments you have loaded.

    If you unload the instruments, the menus do not shrink.

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    Re: QuickEdit Bug - menus that grow and grow

    I have 50-some instruments loaded in my current working setup, and the menus look normal to me. Could be a problem introduced by loading/unloading, most of my crashes and strange behaviour have come from testing and changing the configuration, not from just starting, loading instruments, and making music. Obvious, probably, but try saving your setup as a .gsp file, exiting, then re-entering and reloading the saved setup.

    Also, for your other question, I couldn't see any way to control the quick edit parameters in midi either. I've used midi control for parameters on the effects plugins successfully, but never tried before for the quick edit parameters.

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    Re: QuickEdit Bug - menus that grow and grow

    Andyt, just got your bug -- it seems to me to come from multiple QUickEdit windows open at the same time, not from loading/unloading instruments.

    I was comparing the wave shapes of two different already loaded instruments, remembered your post, and checked -- lo, there were doubled menus!

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    Re: QuickEdit Bug - menus that grow and grow

    Thanks for testing.

    I have the double menu entries when only a single instance of QuickEdit is open.

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