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Topic: wdm drivers with sonar-giga and audiophile2496

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    wdm drivers with sonar-giga and audiophile2496

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help me sort this out:
    I\'m running sonar with gigastudio 2.5 on a p4 1.6ghz with 256m of ram, a dedicated sample drive(two 7200rpm drives with raid card)with the os(98SE) on another 7200 drive and an M-Audio audiophile2496. Latency is excellent with giga but : dxi synths have an almost unusable latency(especially FM7 from native instruments) and when I try adding pluggins to audio tracks, I\'m limitted to about 8stero tracks and 6 pluggins before dropouts. I figure that with my system I should be getting better performance. I installed wdm drivers but process was not flawless and I have a feeling that there could be and incompatibility between wdm drivers, giga and win 98SE. Of course I tried all optimisation techniques listed in this forum and tweaking doesen\'t seem to be the answer. Should I have to switch to win2k? Any ideas or experiences with this problem? Anyone?

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    Re: wdm drivers with sonar-giga and audiophile2496

    I am running Delta 1010, just installed WDM drivers with the help of killerbobjr. My O/S is 98SE, Gs160, and Sonar 2. You got farther than I- I get GS playing with the virtual keyboard, but Sonar keeps giving me Audio Driver Errors. Ideas?
    (sorry i can help with the latency issue - yet!)

    I am running Panel v1.02.08.

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