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Topic: How do I set up HDSP9632/52 for Gigastudio3?

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    How do I set up HDSP9632/52 for Gigastudio3?


    I would like to know how to set up the HDSP 9632 if I run Giga 3 on the same computer as my Sequencer. I only see on the HDSP 9632 one pair of physical Stereo outputs, and if I use HDSP 9632 Putput for Giga 3's Output then I cannot use it in my sequencer. Can anyone explain how I would set up the Audio In/Out so that I can have audio coming out of Giga 3 and still use my audio in/Out on my sequencer? Totalmix? How?

    Step by step if possible. Im a little rusty

    Please shed some light its dark in here...


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    Re: How do I set up HDSP9632/52 for Gigastudio3?

    I'm not sure what your configuration is exactly, but I'm guessing you want for example 2 channels of GS audio and 2 channels of some ASIO audio to mix together into physical outputs.

    To do this, set up GS to output to channels ADAT-1, Channels 1 and 2.
    Set up your sequencer to output ASIO to ADAT-1 Channels 3 and 4.
    Ignore whether you actually have anything connected to the ADAT-3/4

    Now go into total mix. The middle row of sliders is the ADAT outs coming from software. You should be able to see the VU meters bump up and down when you play GS and the sequencer outs.

    Now here's the the tricky part: On channels 3+4, slide the volume controls down to zero. Below these slider is a button that says A1 3+4. Click on it to pop up a menu and switch it to A1 1+2. Move the sliders up to some non-zero setting.

    Now you've just told TotalMix to mix the 3+4 (your sequencer ASIO outs) down into the hardware 1+2 outs along with the GS output from 1+2.

    Is that what you wanted?

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