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Topic: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

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    Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Art Vista
    Virtual Grand Piano Demo.
    C3-C6 2-second samples, but full velocities
    Includes a dozen or so GSP files to match.

    Nice sounding piano.

    Bigga Gigga
    DX7 Classic. Three full samples of DX7 patches:
    The EPiano and the two versions of the rock organ
    (patches 5 and 6 on my old DX7 if I recall). Nice
    old FM sounds.

    Also a Parameter Pad demo which is another full DX7
    sample but has a PDF file that takes you through all
    the tweaks you can do to it in GS.

    Composers Choice
    Violin Samples in a variety of bowings including
    a alternate (up/down on succesive notes). Open
    strings in large keyranges on left side to get to
    non-vibrato'd notes.

    DT Sounds
    Pulli sticks (Hawaiian percussion device). Not too
    interesting by itself but shows Mod Wheel bound to
    ambiance control.

    Jim Corrigan
    Nice parameterized full samples of two different
    resonator guitars.

    Larry Seyer
    Drums! Three different drum kit combinations all set up
    for the GM percussion track. Also one standalone Snare
    Drum solo instrument.

    Notre Dame de Budapest
    Oh my. Four ranks recorded from this fabulous organ plus
    the GSP for the cathedral. I wasn't going to buy this one
    but I'm blown away. There goes more money for samples!

    Post Musical Instruments
    A full "dry" recording of the Bosendorfer 290 from their old

    Two limitted (C3-C5, plus a few random other notes thrown i)
    of the Emporer and the Old Lady.

    I can't get any of the GigaPulse included with these to make any difference.
    It may be related to the problems I am having with my full versions
    of the Emporer/Old Lady pianos.

    SAM Solo Sessions
    A set of limitted brass (mostly staccato notes except for the tubas)
    from their collection.

    A couple of small but nice solo instruments: A recorder and snare
    hit with sticks/brushes. Both use keyswitching to add variation to
    the articulation.

    Pieces to build up a very basic kit (bass, snare, crash, and high hat).

    Sonic Implants
    A bunch of recordings encoded as GiG instrumets (I've never understood
    the alure of this). Sometimes the demo (like the Hammond B3) has a patch
    in it you can bring up to make a playable instrument. Included are Ensemble
    Brass, Strings. Fender Precision Bass and Strat. A B3, a Drum kit and some
    third world percussion.

    A few pieces from their library to let you hear their magesty :-)
    Buggered by various tricks to make them unusuable.

    Westgate Studios
    Three libraries plus a concert hall effect.
    The percussion is a quite nice collection of miscellaneous latin and
    orchestral instruments: vibraslap, wood blocks,etc...
    An acoustic guitar with full GPulse miking controls.
    A solo trumpet with a variety of articulations.
    Nice usuable samples.

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    I don't know what VSL set you are using but "un-useable"?
    Since I've installed GS3 I haven't been using my Garritan strings.
    Nothing wrong with Garritan but the inclusion of VSL and all the articulations that they supplied are extremely useable. Maybe you're comparing this free
    version to the $5,000 plus version?

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    I'm using the stuff that comes with GS3 Orchestra. Did you read the subject line of this post. This is the review of the DEMO CONTENT that comes with GS3.

    Some of the DEMOS are more usable than others. The VSL demo is unusuabe for anything other than pushing a key or so to get a scope of the sound.

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Thank you very much FlyingRon!!! That's exactly what I wanted someone to post.

    I'm surprised as to how much samples you actually get.

    Anyone know what patches you get with VSL? I already own Opus 1 so can I expect any thing new? Or just a few of the same patches in 24bit?

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Just to clarify, I suppose -- the VSL instruments that come with gs3 orchestra are NOT demo instruments, they are full -- and quite usable.

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingRon
    I'm using the stuff that comes with GS3 Orchestra. Did you read the subject line of this post. This is the review of the DEMO CONTENT that comes with GS3.

    Some of the DEMOS are more usable than others. The VSL demo is unusuabe for anything other than pushing a key or so to get a scope of the sound.
    I think FlyingRon is referring to the DEMO patches of VSL, not the VGS (the special version of VSL bundled with Orchestra). I agree that the few DEMO patches are not that useful ... but the Vienna Giga Symphonic library is wonderful.

    Is it just me or are the demo LEGATO patches not working properly ? I find that I can play a legato interval, but as soon as I release the first note the second note stops sounding too.

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Yes, I am commenting on the stuff that's on the three disks marked Orchestra/Ensemble Content. I.e., the demo stuff. I didn't go through the VGL stuff. I just thought people might like to know what is in the various demo libraries without having to bother to load them all up.

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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    I found the solo clarinet and viola ensemble demos to be very useable - if you can write music within an octave (you may not want to, but you certainly can). These patches are full VSL legato and there are three velocity layers avalable. (Note: even in the full VSL, there are separate patches for the various velocity layers. Just too much going on to make the legato to work properly to fit the velocities in too.)

    I found the legato to work perfectly. Until I come up with the dosh for bigger VSL sets, I expect to make use of these legato patches.


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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    I've had trouble with the VSL Legato samples as well (especially the Viola Ens.) A few notes in sequence sound fine (actually sound great) but then the next few notes will cut off and almost 'choke.' I thought it might be the velocity settings on my Yamaha S80, but changing settings on the keys didn't seem to make a difference.

    Funny though -- it doesn't seem to happen when using the virtual keyboard. I wonder if this is iMidi strangness, or if as Flying Ron suggests they've bugged them up to make them 'just demos'...

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: Synopsis on GS3 Demo Content

    Try playing with the notes fully overlapped. It should have the feel of an old monophonic keyboard (though it sounds a bit more impressive). It could be that the gaps that you play between notes confuses the software.


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