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Topic: String Ensemble sample pack with kompakt?

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    String Ensemble sample pack with kompakt?

    Just upgraded to kompakt from giga today and am VERY impressed by it\'s ease of use! Question is... the string ensemble sample pack that comes with it, what library is that from... and where can I get it?? The ensemble is part of the library included with kompakt.


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    Re: String Ensemble sample pack with kompakt?

    There is a \'String Ensemble Sample Kit\' that, according to the documentation, comes from prosamples 23. Seems a little unlikely to me, since prosamples 23 is a Trip-Hop set. Maybe they meant prosamples 33? Apparently, ps 33 is a lite version of Symphonic Adventures. Symph. Adv. seems to be a collection of orchestral phrases.

    Here\'s the link to the Kompakt Library page:

    P.S. Maybe I was hasty in saying that I don\'t think the string phrases are from ps 23... when I open the info pane in Kompakt it also says that they come from ps 23.

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