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Topic: sonar and rewire

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    sonar and rewire

    Hello. I am running giga 3 with sonar 3 in rewire. (pentium 4, 1 gig of ram, motu 828). I am also having a minor problem of sonar not recording most of the changes in articulations. The greater problem is exporting audio. it's filled with glitches and drop outs. I notice other posts with these same problems. I'd appreciate any help. By the way, with my setup, is there any other way of working with sonar besides rewire? I understand motu 828 is not gsif compliant so giga won't work by itself. Thanks for any help

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    Quote Originally Posted by antirocket scientist
    I understand motu 828 is not gsif compliant so giga won't work by itself.
    All of the MOTU audio interfaces have GSIF-1 drivers:


    I have a MOTU PCI-424 and it works fine with GS3. Until MOTU creates GSIF-2 drivers, we can't use the "input audio into GS3" feature, but the normal playback works fine.

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    Just tested again, and indeed got one glitch and one dropout when using sonar and rewire. WIth the simple test setup I used, when i de-selected 'fast bounce', it worked without any problems (but, then it was slow). THe missing note names had already persuaded me that using rewire wasn't for me anyway.

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    Thanks all

    Thanks for the help. My problem was I didn't have gsif drivers loaded for my 828. I downloaded a new version 2.2 off the motu site and now gs 3 works alone. I've got a new problem now. I can't get sonar to convert the giga to a audio wave. It might be a sonar question so I'll post it as a seperate thread.. thanks again for your help

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    In Sonar go to the Project Options dialog box and enable it to send "Start and Stop" messages. I usually also tell it to send the Start command, rather than Continue. Then tell Giga to record from the sequencer (dont forget to set the output channel to record), fill in the filename and start your sequence. That should do it!


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    Re: sonar and rewire

    Jonfairhurst, Thanks for the advice. I followed your instructions about the project settings in sonar. I got a little lost on telling Giga to record from sequencer. (I couldn't find where to do this.) I open giga first, than use the sequencer button to open Sonar. I set a sonar midi track to record and am actually able to get sonar to record tracks of giga samples, but I can't change them to audio. Are your instruction meant to help out on this issue? Thanks again for spending this time with me

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    There will be an issue of audio ports -- sonar can not record on the same audio output that gigastudio uses. So, you must either record on the 'mixer' output (if your soundcard offers one) or use the gigastudio 'capture to disk' function, the big red dot on the top tool bar in gigastudio. And THAT seems to have its own set of problems, at least for me at 88.2 KHz. I use the mixer option successfully.

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    On the Giga-side go to the Capture Menu and check Synchronize to MIDI. Go to the DSP section and select the Output Masters tab. Enable the "REC" button above the faders. Next click the circular red button on the Giga toolbar (Start Audio Capture). It will ask you to enter a filename. Do that. The circular button will now be square and say "Waiting for Sequencer". Now start the sequence. Giga will flash "Audio Capture Recording". After it's done it will say "Waiting for Sequencer" again. The file should be completed and waiting on your hard drive.

    As Gugliel mentioned, you must ensure that the Giga outputs do not conflict with the audio outputs of your sequencer. I've got the Echo MIA soundcard, which has four virtual outputs. I configure Giga and Sonar to talk to two different outs. I'm not sure about the specs on the 828.


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    Re: sonar and rewire

    Hello jonfairhurst and friends. I hope I'm not becoming too much of a pest. I did everything you said in your last post and I still can't record in sonar 3. I opened giga first, then sonar. I set a midi track and recorded a track of samples. I am able to see them and hear them in the track. I then followed your procedure, I set sync to midi, I went into the master output and armed the track, I then hit the red button, gave the file a name, It did say waiting for sequencer so I went back into sonar and tried different things, First I tried bouncing to clip, but nothing happend, the bounce to track was greyed out so I didn't try it. I then tried setting up an audio track and recording, but it didn't record anything. I actually see the shortcut of the file i named on the desktop, but it's empty. I feel guilty asking you all to spend this much time with me and I absolutely apreciate it.
    Thanks again

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    Re: sonar and rewire

    In sonar there is also a setting you need: Options - Project - Sync, "Transmit Midi Start/Continue" . Then push the spacebar to start playing and giga should record whatever audio it generates. To record only some of the tracks in a sequence, mute in sonar (or use the solo button to get only what you want). You may also need the "Use start, never continue" check box to record from somewhere in the middle of your project?

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