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Topic: Fruityloops driving GS160

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    Fruityloops driving GS160

    Well I had this figured out and working 6 months ago, but now can\'t get it working worth a damn.

    Anyone know how I should set up Fruity (vers 3.4) so that I can use the MIDI generators to drive Gigastudio? I\'ve got a dakota card and can drive it from Sonar with no problem but for some reason Fruity doesn\'t seem to work no matter what I try (I\'ve got GS set for MIDI ins with Dakota, and FL being launched from the GS console and trying to set the MIDI output settings in Fruity to use the Nemesys Port drivers as the output but no dice. Also tried setting Dakota ports as the output but that doesn\'t work either). This has got to be something very obvious; and yeah, I did make sure the Fruity checkbox for \"Enable midi output\" was indeed checked [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for any tips/war-stories


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    Re: Fruityloops driving GS160

    Ahh and now I refigured it out.. For some reason, Fruity needs to have *some* output wave driver chosen otherwise no midi was being sent out (go figure, I thought I didn\'t have to assign a wave output since all my audio was being played via Gigastudio)...

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