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Topic: Finale and Giga

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    Finale and Giga

    If Finale\'s note velocity is set at 64, and I have 4 or 5 different dynamics in the score, am I just using one velocity in Giga? In other words, if I have a flute sample with 4 velocities, am I only using 1 velocity for my playbacks? Do any of you have any tips on how to take advantage of the capabilities of Giga with midi from Finale?


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    Re: Finale and Giga

    Sure terry:

    You can set velocity in two ways;

    Using the expression tool to create dynamic markings to assign to notes or measures

    Use the MIDI edit tool to edit individual lines in your score

    You can also use these to send other controller data such as Pedal, Volume or expression.

    If you look at what is already there in the expressinn tool, you will see that these markings already send velocity data. They may not trigger your sample velocity because they may be different from what Finale has

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    Re: Finale and Giga

    Terry, you control the playback note-on velocity of Finale with the \"expression\" tool in Finale. It defaults to 10 possible dynamic output levels (pppp to ffff) that you assign to either notes or measures, but you can create your own custom levels/controls if you want. Giga will, of course, follow whatever you send it.


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    Re: Finale and Giga

    Thanks Composer and Neal. I thought that was the case, but when I looked in Finale at the key velocity, everything was set to 64. I was just curious if Finale was triggering one sample at all volumes. Thanks again.


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