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Topic: Keyswitches not working

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    Keyswitches not working

    I just installed Kontakt 1.5. I am having problems with the keyswitches, even though I followed the directions in the "Advanced Programming" guide. I am using Kontakt as a stand alone on a PC controllng it from Logic 6 on a Mac.

    Under "Settings", I have "No sustain / Sustenudo Operation but Midi Switch" set.

    I created a new multi and loaded several instruments.
    I assigned each instrument to the same midi channel.
    I clicked "Edit" on each instrument and set "Always" to "Start on Key" and set each instrument to a different key: C0-C0, C#0-C#0, D0-D0...
    I saved the multi
    But when I play on the midi channel from the DAW, all the instruments play at the same time no matter which key switch I hold down.

    Anybody know what the problem might be? Thanks!

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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Does this method work on a single instrument alone?

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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Hmmm. Not sure. I'll have to try it tonight and I'll post the result. Thanks.

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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Okay. I figured it out. I was trying to use keyswitches to switch between different instruments, but they only work to switch between the groups or samples that make up an instrument. The actual instruments are independent of each other.

    So does anyone know if you can turn mutes on and off on an instrument via midi control? That would be cool...

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    Exclamation Re: Keyswitches not working


    The way QLSO or the EXS24 are working ; you keyswitch in an instrument !
    The solution is to use Logic's environment
    Each of the Kontakt instrument has to have a different midi channel
    In Logic you set an environment using the "switch" and you set it to select a different midi channel upon a note change
    I did an equivalence, depending of the program number I will set either a switch of a keyswitch instrument or I will select an instruument that is on another midi chanel

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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Hi Leon,

    I posted this on the VSL site earlier, but incase you missed it - here's the (my)way to set up keyswitches within Kontakt.

    Load up your different patches. Open up the first patch and click on 'Mapping Editor'. Click and drag to select the zones and then choose (in the drop down menu 'Edit') 'Move to new clone group'. This creates a second group based on the settings of the first. Now select the zones again and in the drop down menu 'Edit', choose 'Move to existing group'. Put the samples back into the original 1st group. Now click on the 'Group' button and choose the 2nd group that you've just created. Just under that menu choose 'show active'. You should now have a blank mapping area. Now go to your 2nd patch, open up the mapping editor and select and copy (drop down 'edit' menu) all zones (as long as there's only 1 group - if not then copy groups one at a time). Return to the 1st patch and paste the zones into the 2nd group (in 'Mapping Editor'). Now click on 'Mapping Editor' to close it and make sure that 'Edit All' is not blue. Click on 'Group start options' and set up the the key switches for both gropus individually (by choosing in the top left-hand corner).
    Make sure that none of the patches are set to 'Omni', or just solo the 1st patch to hear the results.

    Hope this makes sense,


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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy B
    Load up your different patches. Open up the first patch and click on 'Mapping Editor'. ....

    Just to be specific, what do you mean by "patches"...is it the "program" in the browser?...is there a form of "multiple loading" within one instrument?...(this is all within one instrument, I'm assuming!)


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    Re: Keyswitches not working

    Check out this link to a thread on Sonic Control. I tried this out and it works great. You can have keyswitches working within a single instrument, between multiple instruments set to the same midi channel and a combonation of both of these.


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