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Topic: software aranger + gigastudio

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    software aranger + gigastudio

    An interesting discussio and some usefule links on software arrangers used with GS160:


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    Re: software aranger + gigastudio

    Ellle - I found it interesting to read about someone else trying to work almost entirely in the software environment. But, honestly, I\'m ignorant about what \"arranger software\" is.

    I\'m a classical musician, who plays some semi decent jazz piano for pleasure and I have a pretty good handle on popular music.

    I sort of think of arranger software as a kind of Band in a Box concept - is that right? You put in a nice II-V-I chord progression that you like and pick a pleasing tempo and check a style like \"easy swing\" and then VOILA up comes your bass man and drummer and rhythm guitar player - all bopping right along nicely for you to start piano soloing with. Am I way way behind the times? Thats sort of all that I think of arranger software as (and reading the synth zone post from a nice old retired gentleman who uses it because \"it gives me something to do\" sort of strongly reinforces this impression!).

    I have nothing against all this, but is there more or something other than this to \"arranger software\" ?

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    Re: software aranger + gigastudio

    This one actually \"plays along\" with you in realtime using \"auto-accompaniment\" software (in fact translated Yamaha PSR styles). So this is not a pre-programmed series of chords like band in a box. You an improvisze and the software follows along through realtime chord recognition.
    We are not yet at a stage where we have rootlees (jazz) chrods recognition, but this already exists in the hardware arranger keyboards (Ketron SD1).
    Some of you (certainly in the US) might think of cheap-cheesy one-man-band keyboards, but here we can use gigastudio quality instruments, master keyboards, and editable software music styles. There\'s even a software now to turn midi files into auto-accompaniment styles; At least this a step forward towards a software only one-man-band setup.

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